Hi everybody!!! well this a list of my circle lens and  if you click it ,it automatically take you to my review :) and i organize them by color hope this help :D .. easier to go around? lol idk thank you ^__^xoxo .. :) if you do have any question  feel free to ask :D...

** Blue lens**

 ❥ Geo Crazy Lens SF-03

I.fairy Super Crystal Blue

❥ Geo Xtra-WTB32


Dolly Eye Blue

Aqua Cat Lens

Showmix Blue

Princess Pinky Twilight Blue

Geo t-star 732/ geo stardust

** Green Lens**

Princess Mimi Bambi Apple Green 

Kimchi Mermaid Green

Geo Xtra heart/ WT-AO3 green

I.Fairy Trinity Green

Geo Diamond Green/ WT-B33

I.Fairy Kirei Green

Geo Super Nudy Green


**Brown Lens**

Showmix Brown

Geo Super Nudy Brown

Geo Morning Glory Brown

Geo Princess Mimi Bambi Chocolate brown

Waterfairy Brown

Dueba DM23 Brown

Max Pure Brown

Swirly Brown

Dolly eye Sugar Candy Hazel

Geo Sunflower brown/WFL-A24

Barbie King Brown


**Violet/Purple Lens** 

Geo Super Nudy Violet

Eos max misty violet

Geo Flower Lotus Violet

Kimchi Mermaid Violet

Kimchi Bambi Violet

Geo Xtra WI-A21 Violet

Dolly Eye Violet


**Pink Lens**

 ╰☆╮ fynale kitty pink 

╰☆╮ Geo Nudy Pink

╰☆╮ Dolly Eye Pink


** Grey/Gray Lens**

 ❉ I.Fairy Moe Moe Grey

Geo Princess Mimi Sesame Grey

Dueba MX Gray

Tear Lens Grey

Geo Xtra Diamond Grey /WT-B35

  O.T. Star Gray

**Red Lens**

Prodigurls Ms Anna Sui Red

Bloody Red

I.fairy Ruby Red

♛ I.fairy Yuri Red

** Yellow Lens/ Gold Lens **

Kimchi Maki Yellow

Geo Crazy SF-67

I.Fairy Hanabi Gold

I.Fairy Cherry Gold


**White Lens**

White lens with black rim / Manson lens

**Black Lens**

Angel Wing Heart