Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Geo Extra Heart /WT-A03 Green Review (

hello well i have this  lens for awhile and oh goodie ofcourse i forgot to blog or post something about  it... weee expected from me  ;(.. but hehe    here it is :) have a wonderful day/night :D  xoxoxoxoxoxo
brand : Geo Medical
Water Content:
Base Curve:
Replacement Period:
12 months 

  •  COLOR /DESIGN 5/5 i  love it  its not crazy bright , pretty subtle i must say.. but noticeable :).you cant really tell about the hearts unless close up :( . i still love it though
  • COMFORT 5/5 comfortable :D  i can wear it for long hours and not notice its in    
  • ENLARGEMENT  5/5 its really perfect size for me  all my i love them not super huge but gives you that super dolly look :D love them :D not over powering  hehe 

Angel Wing Heart