Sunday, March 9, 2014

Barbie lace green Review

HIIIII!!! It has been  ages since i wrote a blog or so and im sorry i have been busy with my life .. and i been working non stop  with two jobs .. its kind a hard to have time to write or review stuff but ill try to do more since i am back :D.. So how are ya all doing? hopefully having a great weekend  as for me it has been awesome spend quality time with my lil girl  :D ...

Anywho this lenses  i purchase thru my favorite lens site ofcourse uniqso <3 a=""> i love the site u know all the reason like i said before they are wonderful!

COLOR & DESIGN  5/5  I love the color of this lens its  not super crazy but it sure enhance my eyes , the design is pretty unique i love it the dark rim makes my eyes BIGGGER anime eyes yeppey!

COMFORT 5/5 this lenses are super comfortable no problem :D

ENLARGEMENT 5/5 superb hehehe i think it makes my eyeballs really big and its unnatural but thats how i like it!

 i hope this help and ill do more blogs about alot of stuff and order more lenses weee :)

Angel Wing Heart