Mah Wish list :)

I love love lenses :)  *>.<* * addicted * lol ..  i always want new lens just because im crazy about i guess im sharing what lenses i have my eyes on :o and hopefully  someday ill be able to get them  and post review and pics =) eeee hehehe right now i love all lenses from Geo , and I.Fairy  lenses and Kimchi lens  *__*  they  are awesome .. hehe i would love to try  them all *__* hehehe i want them all lol.

OMG! idk this lenses are soo weird but i really like it a lot :o  i wanna try and see    if they really change my eyes shape :O ..
i like this desing :) and i love them all lol my fav is green and brown lol
eeee hehehehe i want this soo bad >.< ehehehee i love it

its soo cute *_* eee hehe

wow i see this and im like wow thats reallly pretty *o.o*

ive always wanted this  lens   :o  its soooooo pretty  on her

this are pretty awesome lenses comes in with all different colors and yes i love them all :o

i love pink! and i love butterfly :) so what not to love about this lens hehehe *o.o* its crazy but i love CRAZY!

always wanna try star lenses  i wonder if they show up well on my dark brown eyes :)
yes man i love crazy freaky lens *_* .. i have  sf67 and the whitel lens or  its called  sf16 eee  *__*

Angel Wing Heart