Friday, July 27, 2012

Geo Magic Circle Lenses - T732 - Star Dust Review

                                            Manufacturer: GEO Medical 
                                            Diameter: 14.20mm 
                                            Water Content: 42%
                                            Sold As: Per Pair, with a normal lens case
                                            Base Curve: 8.60 
                                            Replacement Period: within 12 months
                                            Available Power: Plano only

 Hi everyone good evening :D..  im back again weee :D   how are you guys? hows your friday? partying? out? meh.. at home resting my ass im tired >.< weee .. glad to be at home and  not work tomorrow , this week was hell had to go work 6 a.m weee was'nt fun .. well anywho back to the circle lens .. ahem ahem .. I purchase this lens @ ☛UNIQSO☚  I actually got this lens using my points :D .. okay POINTS basically you have to be a CUSTOMER in their store . if you register  you get points for that and  if you do review of the product /lens on their SITE  you get points for that . Under the picture of every lens they sell you will see  * WRITE REVIEW * u click that and do your thing  and for every 10 BUCKS you spent on their site you get 1 points ..   i think its really nice :D. so you guys might wanna check their rewards and promotion stuff .. OKAY back to the review sorry  just wanted to share that info :D.

COLOR/DESIGN ♥♥♥/♥♥♥♥♥   This lens arent bright at all  but the reason i gave it that kind a rate is because they are stars  ..cute lil stars hehe . the colors didnt show up on my  eyes at all which  I know already   but i still wanted it lol . close up yes u can tell it stars and see a lil bit of that purple /blue stars ..but in distance  like even just a 2 feet you cant tell at all that they are stars ..  OKAY lighter eye colors/ blue /green  I personally recommend this to you .. they blend in well and the colors pop out more and it LOOKS STUNNING :D

ENLARGEMENT  ♥/ ♥♥♥♥♥  I didnt wanna be mean and  say 0/5 lol .. but seriously this lens do not give me enlargement at all  its the same  size of my natural  IRIS.. 

COMFORT  ♥♥♥♥♥ /♥♥♥♥♥  This is amazingly comfortable on my eyes though  i couldnt feel it at all.. probably because my iris  isnt big so its more  fitting.. but if you do have bigger IRIS  this lens might be uncomfortable and would slide off..  I am saying this coz i seen people review the lens that its uncomfortable .. thats sad for  them but luckily i didnt have problem with it . 

OVERALL i like the lens hehe its stars!! and i have wanted for quite awhile even though i knew it wouldnt really look great on  my eyes,  almost look like white lil stars and in far away distance its just sparkling on your eyes hehehe.. but thats alright i am happy :D

                                make sure u have this logo AUNTHENTIC GEO and not the FAKE ONE

                                                                with flash
without flash /natural light
                                                           and tada here they are lol

 just trying it over my dolly blue lens :)

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