Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Birthday Giveaway Sponsored by Uniqso

Hi everybody :) its been so long wtf ! :O  lol.. well i am  doing  great and im  tired and  excited since my trip is coming up :) eeeeeeee i get to see my family whooopie!!   my birthday is coming up !!!  so i am very thankful :) that UNIQSO  sponsored me to do this giveaway  for my bday ^.^ ...   thank you everyone  hehehee   this give away is open international :D ..


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thank you for joining :) goodluck everyone!! :D have a wonderful day  day !!!

Thursday, October 25, 2012


hey everybody its been awhile ! well  you see i just cant think what to write and i been busy thinking what to bring home and work and all the good stuff .. But this is a quick update i actually purchase this lenses to my friend in the philippines :D   so ill get them    in 4 weeks eeeeee  cant wait to play with them for sure..  OHHHH i have lens coming at the end of the month from UNIQSO hehe :) so yay hehehe .. sorry i havent been able to write anything i was gonna write  about that recipe i have its delish! if you like JALAPENO! when i make it again ill post  some  pictures and how to make it .. ( super easy pop it in the oven lol) well ty everybody have awesome thursday xoxoxoxoxxo!


ALRIGHT  I ORDERED A1,  A9 AND A10  they are actually  part of my wishlist finally able to get it yeppey!
i ordered the  sf-01 that  yellow red lens   first column  4th row .. and then  sf-06 that red swirl   fourth column  4th row

and more hehehehe got the reddish brown and green :D and i got crystal violet  ... :D  thats it for now hehehe

Sunday, October 7, 2012

cosplay pink wig :)

well hello there .. enjoying your weekend? meh   ya kinda   , anywho this is different review  hehe its one of the product i purchase awhile back in EBAY best place ever hehee .. i always wanted to get myself pink or colorful wig.. so when i saw this i just have to purchase it , it was like 10 dollars , okay i am sorry i dont remember where the seller is from,  if i am not mistaken from china ,if not  my bad :). I expected itd be a bad wig or so ... But  this wig is actually nice it easy to comb or fix  way better than my stocking cosplay wig..its pretty long and  its more like sugar candy  pink not neon pink .. i actually like it. but since i am tan  pink hair stands out and doesnt really look flaterry  "personal opinion " i dislike its super long and  you gonna have to trim or style it :) hhehe " i suck at that so that was like wth.. "  I did enjoy wearing this wig i feel like im an anime nyahahaha  :p ..   overall i think its a good purchase for beginners  .. i sure didnt wanna pay a ton of money with something i wouldnt really wanna wear all the time .. :D have a great night everyone  take care xoxoxoxo

 gotta say looks better on her hahahaha

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Hi  everyone ! well how are ya?  meh.. i been good no more lens to review :(   but im trying to get crazy lenses for hallooween.. im thinking sharinggan red   or any red lenses *___*.. mm what are you gonna be for halloween? meh...  i dont know yet .. :(   i wanna be something   weird for sure lol.. any recommendation for weird /crazy lens?  my trip is next month omg :O eeeeeeeeeeeee  .... and  my bday coming up think i should have a give away?  maybe get some stuff back  from the philippines woot woot.. ill record some stuff ..  stuff i would want you to see ofcourse the beach! and maybe waterfalls .. and random FOOD :o  I am excited now eeeee...  oh here are pictures of me when i was a  FAIRY-ISH  on hallooween :) ..   love ya all hope you are all having a great wednesday .. 2 days to go and off !!!

whole outfit weeeee 20 dollars at  walmart 
  yush i know im scary weird:D

i lost mu wings :( and  i dont know else lol
Angel Wing Heart