Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Geo Xtra WT-B35 Grey Review ( )

  • COLOR/DESIGN 5/5 it  sooo pretty its just what it look like on the picture, its very shiny!  what not to love about diamonds?  its my bestfriend :P hehehe
  • COMFORT 5/5 This lens is amazing i cant feel it in my eyes at all and i can wear it for  long time  , doesnt dry out either its  just perfect for me.
  • ENLARGEMENT  Yep its pretty big  its 15mm  its pretty good enlargement and give you that dolly effect eyes ..
  •  in my personal opinion this lens looks awesome on DARK BROWN  eyes  they show up more :) heheh *^__^* i love the  geo diamond series :) 

with flash

outdoor natural lighting
bathroom lighting

    Angel Wing Heart