Sunday, January 29, 2012

Geo Nudy Pink Review (

  • Well yellow ! its a beautiful day  lol.. PINKDAY ! not really just one old boring day how are u ? meh alrighty ... so anywho  i cant remember where the hell i got this lens lol >.< oh wait  CIRCLE LENS.NET mm well moving on :) review review  yada yada
  • COLOR /DESIGN 4/5 This is not bright at all but you can tell its pink they show up more in photographs.of course its not natural looking lens , i personally think this lens is a little freaky but i bought this because i wanna have pink lens and for halloween.   
  • COMFORT 3/5 This lens is  comfortable but i cant wear it for a long time i can feel  it in my eyes ,
  • ENLARGEMENT 3/5 it doesnt really have enlargement its  a little bigger than my natural iris . overall im happy with this lens  i like it :D  its my first pink lens :)
 without flash

with flash

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