Sunday, April 15, 2012

I.fairy Hanabi Gold Review

Hi eveyone good evening/ maayong gabie char char! hehehe well tonight i have been nothing but lazy and hungry .. well no not really i clean all day x__X that was tiring.. so anyway this lens i won this back in december * uniqso photo contest*. so special thanks to uniqso i really love them :). so anywho hope you guys have awesome evening  :)

COLOR/DESIGN  5/5 It blend in well with my dark brown eyes . Its bright and noticeable i love it :) .. the design is pretty cool it looks  swirly

COMFORT 5/5 as you all know i dont have problem with i fairy lenses i think they are just AWESOME!  Super comfortable...

ENLARGEMENT 5/5  They are huge  so they give u that dolly look  or alien-ish ehehe bug eyes  what ever you wanna call it..

Lol ya i know im  weirdo ... and ya hehehe

Angel Wing Heart