Thursday, August 30, 2012

(Sponsored ) Dolly Eye - Blytheye Violet

Manufacturer : Dolly Eye ( EOS)
Diameter :
Water content : 38 percent
Base curve : 8.60 mm
Replacement period : within 12 months
Place of Origin : Korea

Hi everybody :) its been like  a week posted  lens review i have been very busy x__x weee lots of things to do and IM EXCITED i already booked my ticket all the way to Philippines whoopie :) vacation *__* all the foods mmm yum yum..  what about chu? what you  up  to?  Im just so happy  this weeek ^.^ hehehehe my hometown aye eeeeee all the fun stuff to do >.<... nyahahaha.

OKAY so anywho before i get lost somewhere  outer space.. this lenses are kindly sponsored by awesome  ✯✯✯Uniqso✯✯✯ :) thank you !!   like i always said check their store /lens  site :) !!! okay  moving on review review lol.

COLOR AND DESIGN ♣♣♣/♣♣♣♣♣ Its not bright  its more  dark/deep purple /almost look dark bluish on my eyes too dependin on lights. the design on this one its like  it suppose to like fade in the middle  i am not very fun  of this lens ,the dark limbal ring  just make this  harsh. it kind a pretty  with make up ! everything looks pretty with make up lol.

COMFORT ♣♣♣♣/♣♣♣♣♣  Its quite comfortable but it dry out easy ..i wore it about 3 hours  weee so  its okay.

ENLARGEMENT ♣♣♣/♣♣♣♣♣   doesnt really give me enlargement  its a lil larger than my natural eyeballs :P hehehe ( iris)  its okay .

OVERALL ♣♣♣ This lens is  pretty ! hehe wish it was more exciting lol :P hehe ^.^


Monday, August 27, 2012

( whistle)Refereee psssst .. lol

Hi everyone :) halloween is approachin wait ,,, no not yet but huh i dont really care ^.^ so anywho  about this **costume** i bought this at spencers  it came with  whistle and  knee high socks.. sorry those 2 stuff i dont know where i put  it -_-  oh the socks.. well i didnt take picture of it  i was over  how ish you ? meh its been over dramatic week.. * bang heads on wall ** ya that  dramatic..  but  im here ,

 i love this dress (material : polyester) its really soft feels nice and body fitting ..  the only problem  is it looks really funny on me since im petite the dress loooks too loong  on me . i dont have mile legs lol ,so no i wont suggest this for petite short legs women .  i didnt buy the tennis high heels shoes either it was so expensive lol at that time it was like 60 bucks or more. it was more than the costume itself and i didnt feel like buying it and wearng it once.. but  i think its really cute .. i dont know know i just feel like being a referee  because its fun :D haha.  so anywho thank you guys ^.^ have good day xoxoxo . i do have more lens  coming up just posting random stuff in my blog :) so its not just plain  circle lens ..  gonna have make up review too ^.^ they are all coming up .

 yap just wore it with my black boots hehe

touchdown :)  * football?*
hahah there it ish with the  whistle

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Surprise winner :) hehehehehe

well hello again eeeee im happy today .. so yesh :) im pickin another winner which ill be paying for the lens its a gift ^.^ and thank you everyone for joining hehehehehehe it was a lot of fun!


Giveaway Winner :)!!!!

thank you everyone that participate !!!!! i am   happy hehehe and thankful ^.^ hehehehe  ....THANK YOU UNIQSO FOR SPONSORING!!



Saturday, August 25, 2012

Yay Giveaway Finally CLOSED!!

Thank you for everyone that participate :) goodluck ^_____^ hehehehehe  . ill announce the winner tomorrow (august 26th 2012 ) 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Giveaway Entries

Hi everyone well im posting this early so if i made a mistake of how many entries you have . you guys would correct me ^.^ and that so you know i do keep track .. and Ill just add if there more people that enter the give away wee :).thank you for everyone that join hehehe  and goodluck heheh :D
  1. Jacky( = 6 entries
  2. Hayamie( 10 entries
  3. Natasha ( entries
  4. Yoka ( = 10 entries
  5. Xying ( ) = 6 entries
  6. Olivia ( 10 entries
  7. Jillian Pi  = 8 entries
  8. Harihari ( ) = 10 entries
  9. Chelsea ( )= 10 entries
  10. Zarine ( )= 10 entries
  11. Gizzele ( )= 8 entries
  12. Autumn ( fb: Autumn Scarinci) = 7 entries
  13. Thais ( ) =10 entries
  14. Zara ( ) 10 entries
  15. Cynthia = 6 entries
  16. Mika  = 8 entries
  17. KC  ( =10 entries
  18. Siscy ( )=10 entries
  19. Chealsea ( )= 10 entries
  20. Bearcho= 8 entries
  21. Polly =10 entries 
  22. Mildred = 10 entries
  23. Tracy=10 entries
  24. Nia - 10 entries
  25. Loki = 5 entries
  26. Amyluzu= 8entries
  27. Jennifer=5 entries
  28. Tht christina= 5 entries
  29. Gia=10 entries
  30. Lydia= 10 entries
  31. Elizabeth Hopstetter =10 entries
  32. Kelly= 10 entries
  33. Ashari = 5 entries
  34. Maricon = 5 entries
  35. Emi= 5 entries
  36. Naomi = 10 entries
  37. Amanda Shii =8 entries
  38. Elaine ( =10 entries
  39. Kamila ( = 6 entries
  40. Alexis = 8 entries
  41. emeraldxsilly=8 entries
  42. Littlelolitaprincess = 7 entries
  43. MeganxxAnn= 5 entries
  44. ohhaibea= 5 entries
  45. Elizabeth=8 entries
  46. Lola torezz =10 entries
  47. Leby =5 entries
  48. Jasmine =5 entries
  49. Mercy= 7 entries
  50. 123charlottes=8 entries
  51. geola=7 enties
  52. catdog= 5 entries
  53. Nina =6 entries
  54. glamcica=10 entries
  55. Maya=7 entries
  56. lola -7 entries
  57. kayla =7 entries
  58. kawaii= 7 entries
  59. yaya=7 entries
  60. brianna= 7 entries
  61. ranillie =5 entries

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Prodigurls - LV Black Review (

Well hello , hallo! musta? how are you? hehehe hope you guys are having a great day and night :o .. as for me its quite a good  day pretty quite busy day at work weee but now home and ^.^ enjoying  my night chilaxing and talking to my friends :0 .. yush i got a life a little hehehehe..
 So anywho this lenses i got  @ ♥♥♥Uniqso♥♥♥  !!! I Love the store/lens site  and i have always got my lens in awesome condition :) and they are just wonderful when it comes to customer service .. ( ya ya i always say that everytime but its true ^.^) so moving on  review review;
     This is my first black circle  lens  and the reason is  i just wanna try it and see and i wanna have wide variety of circle lens :P i like playing with them ..not often. but when i do i enjoy it very much .okay ill hush and get moving on the REVIEW whoopie hehee.

Manufacturer : The Prodigurls
Diameter : 16.00mm
Water content : 42%
Sold as : Per pair , with a normal lens case
Base Curve : 8.60
Replacement Period : within 12 months

COLOR & DESIGN ♥♥♥♥♥/♥♥♥♥♥ I love it ! It sure is black hehe it blend in my eyes so it made my eyes have that puppeh/doggy eyes , it also  gives that shiny effect on my eyes its really neat . the design is just like a big limbal ring  cant see it on my eyes since my are dark brown . lighter eyes itd probably show more and i think  lighter eyes with darker lens their natural eye color pop :D and looks awesome ^.^.

COMFORT ♥♥♥♥♥/♥♥♥♥♥ wow! this lens is superb .. probably the most comfortable lens i own .. i just couldnt feel it in my eyes at all like ZERO.. it pretty incredible for me  because  actually wore it 7 hours straight without eye drops or anything and it was amazing i was like O_O holycow! didnt know i wore it that loong.. i mean 7 hours probably not long for others but for me YES. 

ENLARGEMENT ♥♥♥♥♥/♥♥♥♥♥ It is quite huge hehehe it definitely gave me that unnatural big eyeballs, anime eyes  :D, alien eyes .. what ever you wanna call it .. Dolly look :) hehe.

OVERALL ♥♥♥♥♥ I highly recommend this lens just because it does give you that puppy eyes effect.. and i thinks its beautiful  :D and its my first black lens  hehe it quite rare  since i love colorful lenses and i actually am inlove with this lens  , my favorite right now ^.^.thank you very much :D Hope this help  have awesome night /day!!!xoxoxoxoxo


 its quite huge hehehe
 without flash
 with flash

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Giveaway update whoopie :)

 hi hi eeeeee weeeee almost here :D 9 days to :D  *^__________^* lalalaala im happy lol its thursday 1 more day and relax time for me *__* :D

:) have awesome day eeeeeeeeeeeeeee ^___^..

♥my emo look♥ hehe :)

Hi everybody :) how are ya all doing ? weeee wednesday and i been cookin nonstop for bday :o  lol yes i know how to cook a lil *>.<* hehe.  anywho i dont have any lenses to review because im waiting for them :D .. so im guessing tomorrow or this week ill have them :).
 OKAY:o Im not a fashion  whatever you call  it .. i  dress normal i think  hhehehe and this look is just so random really i wanted to do for fun :) and i actually kind a like it :o.. ^___^  .. . Kinda gothic / emo thats what i call it :D  It was like for halloween   or something! my hair was like short then :o but im sharing  because  im freaking weird ? who knows someone out there is just as weird as me  that appreciate this kind stuff :P which i dont even know if it looks good.. wait looks fine in my eyes :) thats all that matters hehehee I will be posting  alot of outfits/dresses i own ^.^ hehehe   .. though im no  such fashion girl ... and lol i dont care what match or not  i go with the flow :P. this is mah blog so i  guess i can post whatever the hell i want  ! O_O!

 BLACK TUTU which i bought at SPENCERS to try ...i dont remember the price  it amuses me and i thought i could  use it :) and  hell I DID!
PURPLE CORSET actually got this at burlington its a lingerie set :O  haha it was pretty cheap might as well try  it .
THIGH HIGH :)  i love thigh high /knee high socks eee hehehe coz its fun  i got it from spencers :) they were on sale then like buy 1 get 1 half :o its like 6 dollars im not sure ..

 without lens
 with my princess mimi bambi sesame grey  lens :D i love it

have a good  thursday :D eeeeeeee hehehehe xoxo ♥♥♥

Sunday, August 12, 2012

I.fairy Casper Brown Review (16.2mm)

Hi everyone good evening! how's  your  weekend?  Mine was pretty darn good :) . went out on friday and got drunk .. that  fun lol >.< but the next morning was not fun coz  had really bad hangover X__X weee. I promise myself i will never drink ever like that again  because I cant handle it :D. but anywho hehe  review review .. I got this lens at ♣♣♣UNIQSO♣♣♣  Like i always said before they are one of my favorite lens store :D they are awesome :)..
Manufacturer : I.fairy (SUNnBON)
Diameter : 16.20mm
Water content : 42 %
Sold as : per pair with a normal lens case
Base Curve : 8.60
Replacement Period :within 12 months

COLOR /DESIGN ♥♥♥♥♥/ ♥♥♥♥♥ I absolutely  love  it! I think its beautiful ! Its noticeable its mix with  purple color outside (the limbal ring )and the brown inside  darker tone  to lighter brown /yellow .Its pretty damn unique :) surely the design stands out :D when i saw it I just have to have it ^___^ .Outdoors it stand out more and the beautiful colors more noticeable.

COMFORT  ♥♥♥♥/ ♥♥♥♥♥  This lens amazingly comfortable, it glide in my eyes  but the only thing is about 4 hours my eyes start to itch a little and dry .  so yea had to put eye drops  then its all betta!

ENLARGEMENT  ♥♥♥♥♥/ ♥♥♥♥♥ I.FAIRY lenses are huge so yes definitely gave me that dolly unnatural effect :).  big anime eyes :D, alien-ish , bug eyes weee.

OVERALL I love this lens , so yes i highly recommend if you want that unique design and  make your eyes pop hehehe :D or just plainly  DIFFERENT :).


 without flash
with flash

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