About Me :)

contact me : pinayfreak1988@gmail.com :) hehehe :)

Hi everyone im Lynneth  most people call me *Lynn*... i live in united  states now :) originally from the philippines  proud to be **PINAY** Hehehe .im certainly not NORMAL lol. well i am what i am  im pretty weird in a lot of ways but im nice when you are nice to me :) its a win win thing lol .. i love music there is not one day i dont listen to music :) , I like tattoos and peircings :) hehehe...ONE of my favorite thing i love right  now is CIRCLE LENS  its addicting they do compliment my eyes and it makes me happy =0 * pretty shallow huh  heheh** i love to laugh  i love watching horror movies  the bloody and the gory-ish it is the more i like.  i like make up too but im not really great at it  and  SHOES :) ehehe woman gotta have her shoes lol .

i love eating  (favorite food is sushi yay!) i love travelling  and one of my favorite place is amusement park  ehehe thats right i love thrill rides i like the rush :) lets go ride the twister roller coaster people! i like trying stuff outdoor or indoor hehehe  i say * you only live once  make the most of it * and try everything  well the fun ones that dont kill you !

If ya wanna get to know me more :) ask ask me hehehehe because i am really not good at writing about myself  * im just weird ...***  and oh im friendly  i dont bite lol
Angel Wing Heart