Sunday, January 29, 2012

Kimchi Maki Yellow lens Review (16.2mm)

  • well hellow :) mmm  i just happen to wanna edit this coz im bored lol .. well anywho you can purchase  this lens  @ ♣♣♣UNIQSO♣♣♣  I LOVE their site so i highly recommend them :) .. they have lots  sale going on:) n they are very nice people  great customer service /quick response .. which we all know a MUST on customer :P..
  • COLOR/REVIEW  5/5 This is unbelievably bright and crazy  , it is very unnatural the design  is pretty unique and lil freaky  but i love it :D
  • COMFORT 5/5 This is what i love about bigger lenses they are very comfortable i cant feel it in my eyes. it does not move  around either 
  •  ENLARGEMENT 5/5  It definitely give me enlargement its pretty huge  , give me that dolly look  and just wow they are there  .  definitely recommend this lens if u want eye color change and something that is different and show up well. 

    Angel Wing Heart