Monday, March 5, 2012

Dolly eye Blue Review (14.2mm)

Hello  so i finally got my super  blue lens its been a looong wait before i got it ..  but here it is :) i am really inlove with these lens when i first saw it on a girl who did review on youtube its super awesome so i gotta have it!! as you all  know i enjoy  bright lenses  ^^... so guys i hope you enjoy and this review  is helpful :) .. i got this one at  its the (edollyeye 14.2mm) they are good site too i have purchase few of my lens there and they are free shipping all year round ( register mail )but you can also purchase this at  lensvillage is one of the site i buy  my lens too  i ordered 2 of my circle lens there  :) quite good price for  the dolly eye ( 19.50 dollars ) but i dont think  its free shipping you guys might wanna check it out ^^. and lastly they are awesome site too  so you choose ^__^ take care

Color /DESIGN 5/5 this lens is super  bright /opaque  it sure is noticeable in distance lol .. i really love it :) i like bold lenses and this one just did that for me . i always have theory since  blue lens will always look  weird on me and wont blend in so might as well get the brightest  :) hehe * make a statement* lol...

Comfort 4/5 this is actually comfortable  im pretty surprised from what i heard and read on review  they said this lens is uncomfortable.  on mine i can wear  it for awhile :O it did dry out like after 4 hours but  still quite surprising how comfortable they are =).

Enlargement 3/5 this are only 14.2mm it  is a lil larger  on my natural iris.
Overall  i love this lens i love how striking the color :)  i've always wanted this lens for a long time so im pretty darn happy i got it :O * i highly recommend this if you want blue lens that  is bright and noticeable  =) go go super blue!

Water Content | 38%
Base Curve | 8.6mm

Diameter | 14.2mm

without make up :O

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