Saturday, January 28, 2012

Geo Super Nudy Violet Review ( 14.8 mm)

    •  Color /design 3/5 This is more like dark blue/violet on my eyes.. this lens is not bright so if u want crazy bright lens i dont recommend this .but if u want  a purple lens that just blends out  and looks dolly i highly recommend this. I have brown eyes so im not sure how itll look on blue and green and hazel eyes :D but you guys should try it !
    • Comfort 4/5 its comfortable  for the size its 14.8mm i can wear this lenses for 5 hours straight lol  and doesnt dry .  but im sure u can wear this for 6-8  hours or more . if your eyes dries out  just use eye drops or rewetting drops :D and your fine.
    • Enlargement 3/5 its  not huge at all.   good size for pair of lenses gives u that dolly effect  :D * i prefer bigger lenses they are somehow more comfy because they are somehow thinner /soft lenses
    •  this is my second violet lens :D i like it a lot  it made my eyes so dolly and  the color is pretty subtle u cant really tell unless u look at it close. i love the super nudy lenses they are nice  and looks pretty doesnt stand out as much as the  super nudy brown probably since i have dark brown eyes they blend in more .

ahhhhhh ... GHOST!

with flash

without flash

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