Saturday, January 28, 2012

Geo Super Nudy Green Review (14.8mm)

  • COLOR /design3/5  this lens is not vibrant at all   they dont stand out at all BUT thats what i expected and what i wanted. for me   this dont look crazy on my eyes either so im happy, and the halo effect is pretty cool :) i was worried itd look so pixelated and wont blend in my eyes at all but im wrong :)  its AWESOME !.
  • COMFORT 4/5 Its comfy can wear it for hours  doesnt move around  either .
  • ENLARGEMENT  4/5 just like my other 2 super nudy lenses this just give u that dolly eyes effect but  not big at all but i really love this lens. i highly recommend this if you want  just hint of green  or subtle  green lens :D
without flash
bathroom lighting
with flash

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