Saturday, April 14, 2012

Dolly Eye Sugar Candy Hazel Review ( 14.5mm)

Hello weee such a boring freaking saturday i am super exhausted.. babysitting twins is not easy O_O but  fun hehehe they are such cute twin girls eeee  *>.<*.. so anywho    i dont know why i got this lens well lets see oh i  know to get the free shipping lol.. and  i wanted to try it :D  ...


: 14.5mm

Base Curve
: 8.6mm

Water Content
: 38%

 Replacement Period
: 12 months 
So i purchase this lens at uniqso they are awesome site /store i love them and specially costumer service  .. i never had problem with them so i highly recommend them :) ...

COLOR/DESIGN  / I love this lens it is quite lovely .. it looks so fake on  photograph and videos but in real life not really thats my opinion, its probably because of the thick limbal ring thats why you can tell this arent natural looking . ( more on brown side on my eyes not hazel  since i really  have dark brown eyes ) i still love it though :)

COMFORT   / SUPER comfortable i love it  cant feel it at all :) which is awesome!

ENLARGEMENT  / As you all know im more on the bigger LENSES  so this one  its good not huge though but it did gave me that  dolly look :)

OVERALL I LOVE this lens highly recommended :)   they arent crazy but noticeable on photographs and videos wierd hehehe 

Angel Wing Heart