Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I.Fairy Cherry Gold Review ( 16.2mm)

Hi Mabuhay! hello hehehe.. so alright finally done with a lot of shit going on  at my work ,so i got time now to sit and finish this review /blog  :) ... so alright i got this  like hmmm a week ago :)  its my newest lens  actually that i purchase .. the other lenses that i have  that i still havent wrote review umm just have to wait :) hehehe.. Anyway i really like this lens its bright and hey its gold :P  as you all know by now i like *BOLD CRAZY LENS /BRIGHT AND ALL THE GOOD STUFF* this is my 2nd gold lens   i have the hanabi gold :) which later on  ill have review  ^^..

it is just one awesome lens *_* i mean sure its weird  coz its yellow but this one reminds me of like wolf ... wolf-ish nyahaha :) thats why i  fell in love with it and must have it

I  purchase this lens @http://www.uniqso.com/  like i have said before they are one of my favorite lens site/store :) they are wonderful ! and  always  got my lens in time and great condition  and no problem :).. you guys should check their site and facebook too because they have give aways everymonth :) and they give 2 pairs or so :) isnt that  GREAT? hehehe i think it is :):) .. and also any enquiry  you wanna know  they  get back right away to you :). and lastly  its sweet of them to inform you if the lens you wanted before that out of stock  ,when they re-stock it they emailed you .. darn  thats like awesome to me :) hehe  they didnt have to but they do :).. so i highly recommend  them for you to  check and get your contacts from *

also :) if you order and ship register mail if your like me lives in US usually it takes 2-3 weeks  thats normal were international shipping after all :) .. hehehe so okay ill stop yapping n yapping .. n post the darn pics and my own opinion with this circle lens :) thank you very much for checkin my  blog  take care ! xOXOXO.... ehehhe ( yush im weird i like saying *hehehe* im a hehe  woman O.O!)

: 16.2mm
Base Curve
: 8.6mm
Water Content
: 55%
Replacement Period
: 12 months

so this is how they came in :) eeeee  its sooo  cute right? ehehehe
inside the bottle :)

COLOR /DESIGN 5/5 This is very noticeable and  bold they show up very well on my dark brown eyes, they sure stand out  , also i've seen this lens on green/blue eyes they still show up really bright! .  its almost like i  have   wolf eyes hehehehe( my own opinion :P)

COMFORT 5/5 I FAIRY lenses are great i love them they are big but  i dont have problem with them they are just super comfortable on my eyes (but  people we dont have the same eyes so it may feel different)

ENLARGEMENT 5/5 Its huge and  unnatural ... definitely  give you that  freaky bug eye effect, alien-ish or just dolly effect hehe they are noticeable its not normal lol.. but i love it that way :)..

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