Friday, March 23, 2012

I.fairy Trinity Green Review (

Konbanwa! ( nope  i dont really know how to speak japanese but i know some phrases from watching anime lol >.< yush im a dork! ) well  its night time  and here i am sitting on my couch bored .. lovely hehehe but  hehehe  ill make it work! glad its friday no  more work *_* weeeee hurray for me lalala... (dances)... okay  ill stop chatting with nonsense and go back to my review ahehehe :) ..

So i purchase  this lens at  they are my favorite circle lens store/site  :)  coz they are awesome! like i said before they have  wide varieties of  lenses and affordable prices  * its win win yay * they have good promotion and discount too :)  . the one thing makes me wanna buy  my circle lens in their site is how  nice and  how they prioritize their customers if you have questions/enquiry about anything   and wonderfully response fast ... AWESOME!

 SO okay this the lens and the model  with lens on :)  one attracts me with this lens is the design its  interesting almost like chinese umbrella or something  ( hey thats my opinion)

okay so this is what im talking about the chineses umbrella...  to me kind a if you look at the  lens on  model eyes/ or my eyes  they have that   almost  chinese umbrella effect .. ( sorry i didnt find green chinese umbrella lol..)

so they come with these cute lil boxes eeeee :) i really love it and also inside the lil box they put bubble wrap sorry i toook mine off n throw it away before i could take picture...... they are packed great :) that is really a must! and uniqso have never failed me :) yay..

: 16mm
Base Curve
: 8.6mm
Water Content
: 55%
Replacement Period
: 12 months

 so here is my review hehehehe :)

COLOR/DESIGN 5/5 This is noticeable and  its vibrant.. with that umbrella-ish effect lol or design  its really neat and unique.

COMFORT 5/5 This lens is unbelieavably comfortable thats why i prefer bigger lenses , they  are just perfect for me  i dont have  problem with them at all.. ( we have different eyes so it maybe different in yours :) )

ENLARGEMENT  5/5 IT sure give me big enlargement and  dolly effect  .. i fairy lenses are huge and unnatural big eyes which is what i like *__* eehehehe.. 
Overall  I really love this lens   its very pretty and  if you want to be different but not overly crazy.. I highly recommend this :)

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