Friday, March 30, 2012

(SPONSORED LENS)I.Fairy Moe Moe Grey Lens Review (16.2mm)

 Hi everybody good evening weeee its friday its lovely :). i am so tired and probably getting sick just awesome :(.. well anyway im going to the review  this lens  is sponsored by  Lensvillage  thank you very much! i am extremely happy :).. 

COLOR/DESIGN ♥♥♥♥♥ /♥♥♥♥♥ Its noticeable and bright , they stand out on my eyes which also
give that shiny effect /halo effect . the design is interesting Ithe brown in the middle  
making it  more intense :).

ENLARGEMENT   ♥♥♥♥♥ /♥♥♥♥♥  this is advertised as  16.2mm they are huge and give you that dolly effect or alien-ish  unnatural look  .

COMFORT ♥♥♥♥♥ /♥♥♥♥♥   I fairy lenses are awesome i really love them , i dont have 
problem with them wearable for long hours and they are super comfortable !

OVERALL ♥♥♥♥♥  this lens are  amazing  its quite bold and  its just gorgeous . i've seen 
this on  lighter eyes,  Omg they just look  wonderful too :)..

 Thank you very much Lensvillage  they are wonderful site/store they have a ton of circle
lens and  they have great costumer service, i have purchase few of my lens in their site
  and i didnt have problem, i got my lenses in great condition . like  i said before they came about 3 weeks which is normal for international shipping ( register mail) .. :)

thank you hope this help and  have wonderful  night.. (oh holycow its morning already 
almost 2am here  wth lol )

 Manufacturer : Vassen
  life  Span : 1 Year
Diameter : 16.2mm
BC : 8.6mm
Water Content : 55%

with flash

no flash
epic fail wink hehhe
fishy face lol

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Kimchi Bambi Violet Review (

Hi everybody :) good evening!!  so here i am again  doing circle lens review :) nyahaha yush i got like tons  of circle lens *>.<* which is awesome for me " ADDICTED WITH LENS"   hehe .. okay this lens is really vibrant on the models picture so hell ya i gotta have it . and its Purple eeee usually purple lens appear dark blue on my eyes  but this one OH MY  GOSH its purple !!
purple eeeeeeee heheheh

so this is the picture of the model hehehe

Diameter : 16mm

Water Content : 55%

Life Span : 1 Year

So anyway i purchase this back  in november @   i am sorry i dont have the  box they come in... but they come in a box  that has a logo lens village and  they  have the lens bottle in bubble wrap inside  so your lens is SAFE!...  I  got my order in great condition and they  do give you lens case too :) hehe thats  good .. I am saying this because i encounter a site b efore that didnt give me lens case which *BULL*...

Lensvillage is  a great site  they do have  a wide varieties of circle lens  and really affordable price  * kimchi brand are like 19 dollars  or so * thats really good price  for me! ( kimchi and  ifairy lenses are my favorite * hehe ) but the other brands too are awesome prices really  there is soo much to pick .. Now shipping wise i got my lens about 3 weeks ( 18-19 days or so am not sure ) which is normal if you live in US  and its register mail so  it takes awhile :).. but i did get my lens  and no problem about where the heck is my lens and all .... SO i highly suggest you guys check them out and  their awesome circle lens  oh almost forgot ( they have  GREAT sales too and give aways  and they are improving more and more :) ) AWESOME :) okay thank you  hehehe and  take care  ill go on with mah review lol..

COLOR/DESIGN 5/5 I  freaking love this lens its unbelievably vibrant ,  they sure pop! and ofcourse they are unnatural but hey thats what i am looking for .. i was just wow  with this color .. its  really awesome  !

COMFORT 5/5 OR 6/5 They  are comfortable  thats one thing about bigger lenses they are thin  and  they feel alot more comfortable for me ( but do remember we dont have the same eyes so it might feel different in your eyes )and they dont move around , you would have thought this lens is big that  whenever you blink you feel it  not  this lens they are just amazing ... :)

ENLARGEMENT 5/5 It is huge sure give you that dolly effect /look  or alien-ish hehehe..  but thats what i am loooking for ( i prefer big circle lens )

Overall i love love <3<3<3 this lens  i highly recommend this if you are looking for purple that stands out and also i would suggest  if your like me dont have full long lashes  .. do wear falses they make difference :) and  with make up  they even look better!

(thats my geo bambi green  see difference about the size  geo bambi green is, idont think its much of difference but just so you see  it )

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I.Fairy Cherry Gold Review ( 16.2mm)

Hi Mabuhay! hello hehehe.. so alright finally done with a lot of shit going on  at my work ,so i got time now to sit and finish this review /blog  :) ... so alright i got this  like hmmm a week ago :)  its my newest lens  actually that i purchase .. the other lenses that i have  that i still havent wrote review umm just have to wait :) hehehe.. Anyway i really like this lens its bright and hey its gold :P  as you all know by now i like *BOLD CRAZY LENS /BRIGHT AND ALL THE GOOD STUFF* this is my 2nd gold lens   i have the hanabi gold :) which later on  ill have review  ^^..

it is just one awesome lens *_* i mean sure its weird  coz its yellow but this one reminds me of like wolf ... wolf-ish nyahaha :) thats why i  fell in love with it and must have it

I  purchase this lens @  like i have said before they are one of my favorite lens site/store :) they are wonderful ! and  always  got my lens in time and great condition  and no problem :).. you guys should check their site and facebook too because they have give aways everymonth :) and they give 2 pairs or so :) isnt that  GREAT? hehehe i think it is :):) .. and also any enquiry  you wanna know  they  get back right away to you :). and lastly  its sweet of them to inform you if the lens you wanted before that out of stock  ,when they re-stock it they emailed you .. darn  thats like awesome to me :) hehe  they didnt have to but they do :).. so i highly recommend  them for you to  check and get your contacts from *

also :) if you order and ship register mail if your like me lives in US usually it takes 2-3 weeks  thats normal were international shipping after all :) .. hehehe so okay ill stop yapping n yapping .. n post the darn pics and my own opinion with this circle lens :) thank you very much for checkin my  blog  take care ! xOXOXO.... ehehhe ( yush im weird i like saying *hehehe* im a hehe  woman O.O!)

: 16.2mm
Base Curve
: 8.6mm
Water Content
: 55%
Replacement Period
: 12 months

so this is how they came in :) eeeee  its sooo  cute right? ehehehe
inside the bottle :)

Friday, March 23, 2012

I.fairy Trinity Green Review (

Konbanwa! ( nope  i dont really know how to speak japanese but i know some phrases from watching anime lol >.< yush im a dork! ) well  its night time  and here i am sitting on my couch bored .. lovely hehehe but  hehehe  ill make it work! glad its friday no  more work *_* weeeee hurray for me lalala... (dances)... okay  ill stop chatting with nonsense and go back to my review ahehehe :) ..

So i purchase  this lens at  they are my favorite circle lens store/site  :)  coz they are awesome! like i said before they have  wide varieties of  lenses and affordable prices  * its win win yay * they have good promotion and discount too :)  . the one thing makes me wanna buy  my circle lens in their site is how  nice and  how they prioritize their customers if you have questions/enquiry about anything   and wonderfully response fast ... AWESOME!

 SO okay this the lens and the model  with lens on :)  one attracts me with this lens is the design its  interesting almost like chinese umbrella or something  ( hey thats my opinion)

okay so this is what im talking about the chineses umbrella...  to me kind a if you look at the  lens on  model eyes/ or my eyes  they have that   almost  chinese umbrella effect .. ( sorry i didnt find green chinese umbrella lol..)

so they come with these cute lil boxes eeeee :) i really love it and also inside the lil box they put bubble wrap sorry i toook mine off n throw it away before i could take picture...... they are packed great :) that is really a must! and uniqso have never failed me :) yay..

: 16mm
Base Curve
: 8.6mm
Water Content
: 55%
Replacement Period
: 12 months

 so here is my review hehehehe :)

COLOR/DESIGN 5/5 This is noticeable and  its vibrant.. with that umbrella-ish effect lol or design  its really neat and unique.

COMFORT 5/5 This lens is unbelieavably comfortable thats why i prefer bigger lenses , they  are just perfect for me  i dont have  problem with them at all.. ( we have different eyes so it maybe different in yours :) )

ENLARGEMENT  5/5 IT sure give me big enlargement and  dolly effect  .. i fairy lenses are huge and unnatural big eyes which is what i like *__* eehehehe.. 
Overall  I really love this lens   its very pretty and  if you want to be different but not overly crazy.. I highly recommend this :)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Geo diamond Green Review (

Hello hello konnichiwa mabuhay! lol ya i am sooo weird.. well like i said i have the 3 of the geo diamond series and this is THE TADA GREEN!! I <3 green lens *>.<* and out of the 3 i have ,the green one shows up  more !  i really love it .. sparkles *__* ya im like a kid ... its stupid.. ( dont pay attention about my nonsense rumbling lol) so here it is i  got this from a friend in the philippines but   u can purchase this @ / this lens store/site is one of my favorite   part of it they have awesome  customer service and  i have purchase quite  alot of my lens in there store and got it  really really great condition =).. so anyways here is my review :)

COLOR/DESIGN 5/5 I  <3 Love it .. its quite bright and sparkly shows  up  real good in my dark brown eyes :).. enhances   my eyes with that shiny effect  specially when light hits it :) eee hehehe..

COMFORT 5/5 Some geo lenses are not comfortable but this  series for me its really comfortable just fit right and dont move around  so i love love it !.. :) ( always remember  we dnt have the same eyes it could be uncomfortable on you )

ENLARGEMENT 5/5 Its perfect size *_* lens  is big but not over the top, just gives you that  dolly/dreamy effect .. its perfect for me  hehe..

Overall i highly recommend this lenses  they are  super awesome and  who doesnt like diamonds on their eyes? hehehe i do i do ! lol .. well take care ya all :) ...

without flash

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