Friday, July 20, 2012

Otoo eye / O.T. Star Gray ( 19.6mm ) Review

EEEE good evening  :) well how are you guys? girls? men ? women? hehehe well me im ALRIGHT im hanging here >.< its been a loooong  weeek  but Friday tomorrow muahahaha  last day of work and pay day who the hell  wont be happy .. i know i am hehehe,, so anyway i purchase lens again yes i did :D i always do >.< weeee.. addicted !!! boom boom!..
so here is the lens i purchase  O.T STAR /OTOO EYE  in gray :D nyahaha ya i know u can see tf.. sorry i certainly dont think your dumb... <.< apologize for that   i really like this  i mean the whole series :O it looks really really adorable o.o and HUGE GINORMOUS EYEBALLS pew pew ... and so .. so ya im weird >.< .... I purchase this lovely lens at ❧₭ittyEyeContacts❧  okay its my first time purchasing in  her site .. She was really quick in replying to me  so that was great :D.. she is base in U.S.A. so  its pretty awesome! I got my lens about 3 days :D soo  soo quick like omg eeeee that makes me really happy .. and if you live in anywhere in U.S its free shippping :D . they do ship international  its like 2 bucks :D or so( if you interested  double check on her :).). I recommend to check her /their site  they have quite alot of stuff  ( good varieties of lenses, cosplay wigs , glasses , and etc :D ).. anywho lets go on review on this lens  : 

COLOR/DESIGN ❤❤❤❤❤/❤❤❤❤❤ It absolutely vibrant :) .. even though  this is actually more in the yellow side.. if you look at the lens and pattern there is like  yellow color scattered around the lens .. the yellow color pops out more than the gray :O .. BUT i still love it   its just really beautiful to me *>.<* and  it pretty darn unique it  is 5 tone lens.. and they are shiny :) .. It  shows up well and  people will notice it is FAKE /contacts which i dont care :)...

 ENLARGEMENT ❤❤❤❤❤/❤❤❤❤❤ amazing :) hehehe .. They sure are HUGE like wow hello im here .. which i really love about you have that big unnatural anime eyes :)....

 COMFORT ❤❤❤❤❤/❤❤❤❤❤ Love it incredibly comfortable even though its ginourmous fake eyeballs hehehe.. it fit in my eyes  and it didnt move around .. didnt dry my eyes out either .. just like i.fairy lenses  comfort wise:) Well this lenses come in different colors :D so you guys might wanna try it! eeee i love i want the purple :o and green.. hehehe ..  Hope this help and  thank you for reading :) .. hope i made sense? more lens to go :D... take care night night meow meow.. (=^_^=)  ( p.s i actually love DOG<.< but i like kitty cats too :).. IF YOU WANT THIS LENS CLICK HERE :KITTYEYECONTACTS

with flash

Without flash
size comparison with (I.FAIRY CHERRY GOLD :o 16.2MM)

:O with my cherry gold hehehe  as you can see its not much different

Angel Wing Heart