Monday, February 6, 2012

Dueba MX Gray Review (14.0mm)

  •  COLOR /DESIGN 3/5 this lens is not bright at all  well unleast your close up then you'll be able to tell its  contacts   or but far away they look fine, i think they look a little weird lol its more like blue-ish  than gray .   
  • COMFORT 4/5 its comfortable but  once in a while i can feel them though but over all i love this lens very first gray lens i own im happy with it :D
  • ENLARGEMENT 3/5 this lens  is only it doesnt really enlarge my eyes  give u a little dolly effect  though so im happy with that.. :D sorry i dont have tons of picture of this lens , i dont have them anymore   but  hopefully this pictures  help you  to see what it look like

    Angel Wing Heart