Monday, February 6, 2012

Waterfairy Brown Review (17.8MM)

 Hehehehe hello well i am here again with a review.. even though today  has been boring day .. now this lens was given to me  by a friend and  i am appreciative and thankful for that :) hope you guys enjoy and this  review helps :) have awesome night..

COLOR/DESIGN 4/5 i love it :D its really pretty  it almost like reddish on my eyes though which is a lil odd  but i still love it !   design looks like its  big star :D which i think pretty darn cool :)

COMFORT  5/5 its very comfortable  i cant really feel it in my eyes 

ENLARGEMENT 5/5 It is huge  and sure gives you that super dolly look ! but  its comparable to my ifairy kerie green( they almost the same size. over all im very happy with this lenses :D

its not much larger than ifairy kerie green

    Angel Wing Heart