Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Geo Princess Mimi Bambi Grey/ Sesame grey Review (15.mm)

Hello everyone eeee heheheh well i always love the  geo bambi series they are just awesome to me  im kind a sad now coz i will have to throw this aay soon :O its actually one of my favorite lens .. its just pretty booohooo for me hehe. well :) i had a lot of fun wearing it for quite a bit hehe.. :) okay guys you can purchase this lens @ Uniqso<3  its my favorite   lens store /site :) wel you guys take care!!
  •  COLOR /DESIGN 5/5 hehe i love it :D its awesome color and  it really changes my eye color.  looks like blue-ish  i think it depend on the make up  too. i suggest to put  make up when u  wear  this lenses it stand out more .
  • COMFORT 5/5  its  comfortable and does'nt dry out love love this lens weeee
  • ENLARGEMENT 5/5  there is certainly enlargement  and dolly effect look ,i love it :D this lens is just perfect for me . i highly recommend this lens if you want  eye color change specially on brown eyes!!!!
Brand: GEO
Water content: 38% - 42%
Diameter: 15.0 mm
Base Curve: 8.7
Duration: 1 year disposable

well this is my  suppose to be peacock look hehe :p they look bluish with this make up

my emo or gothic make up :) they are like poppin with these make up

 my silver grey  make up hehe  they look really GREY  

Inserting lens

Well hello :)  when  i put up vid of my manson lens/white lens with black rim someone always wanna  ask how to put the lens in so here it is !!! tada lol ... :) have great ya all

my favorite food lol :P

 what can i say :) its food  i really  love right now  eeeeeeeeeee :)  a friend  let me tried it and ever since then  im inlove with it . :)  its great food  gotta have sushi day  ONCE A MONTH >.< so expensive here  ... but  its worth it :)

Monday, January 30, 2012

Princess Pinky twilight blue Review ( 14.5 mm)

  • COLOR /DESIGN 5/5 OMG ! I  love it so much its super bright , almost like it glow hehehe  its kind a  freaky too... looks so unnatural on me  hehehe but  im in love with the color it POPS
  • COMFORT 3/5  first time  i wore it  kinda uncomfortable after  30 minutes  it got  better  and  still can feel it though . i notice  if you wear this lens often it gets better  gets more comfortable .
  • ENLARGEMENT 3/5 It says 14.5mm but this one doesnt really give me enlargement , its a little larger than my natural iris . but overall this lens is AWESOME!...  love it love it
Manufacturer: Princess Pinky
Diameter : 14.5mm
Water Content : 38%
Base Curve : 8.6mm
Life Span : 1 year disposal

Sunday, January 29, 2012

I.fairy Kirei Green Review (16 .2mm)

EEEE Hi hi yush another lens review ( yes i am quite addicted to circle lens ) okay in my search of new circle lens   i run into this lens  and i am O_O omg  i gotta have them :) on the model they do  look super awesome and thought they probably just enhance but actually on my dark brown eyes *_* they exactly look the same  weeee I am a happy girl.... so okay dokie here the review ..
so this is the picture of the model :) hehehehe its awesome

 You can purchase this @ , http://www.uniqso.com/ they  have wide varieties of circle lens .  itd blow your mind :)  weee i like like it !! and decent price thats great! i like that   hurray!

COLOR/DESIGN: 5/5 this lens is amazing , its  BRIGHT and noticeable  the yellow color in the middle does show up a little  ..depending on what make up you have on sometimes it appears AQUA ..
COMFORT: 5/5  extremely comfortable cant feel it in my eyes at all love it :)
ENLARGEMENT : 5/5 Definitely give me  enlargement and dolly  eyes or  *alien eyes* its huge :P and i love it. overall this is  amazing :)  love it.... ( okay this is advertise  16.2mm now people  im not aware what is what about size ... its what it advertise so i go with it :) ALSO this lens looks amazing on lighter eyes  , they blend in more and just loooook super gorgeous

: 16.2mm

Base Curve
: 8.6mm

Water Content
: 55%

Replacement Period
: 12 months

with flash
without flash

Show Mix Brown Review (17.8mm)

  • Color/design 5/5 i love how they blend in with my eyes and in different light they do change colors ... glittery :) yay who doesnt love that? i do !
  • Comfort 4/5 they are  soft lens and very comfortable but i have problem with the right  lens for  a bit it move around  then after 30 mins  it didnt  anymore which is good lol.
  • Enlargement 5/5 they are HUGE like  boom they are there hehehe.. definitely make your eyes dolly ( alien looking ) and unnatural and thats what i love <3<3<3  overall this lens are awesome :) they my favorite right now hehe. I purchase this lens at my favorite circle lens site/store ♥♥♥UNIQSO♥♥♥  highly recommend them :D so you guys  might wanna check them out! 

with flash

with flash

without flash

eeeee look at the glitters :)

White lens with black rim Review (14.5mm)

  • COLOR /design 5/5 Its awesome ! vibrant as heck!  its freaky too lol just the way i want it. its opaque  :) they are awesome  for halloween and  cosplaying or fun :) hehehe.
  • COMFORT 4/5 it blurs my vision a little but weirdly i can wear it for a long time it doesnt really move around .even though this are soft lens still not super comfortable. ive had this lens for awhile now actually if you wear it couple hours then start gettin even more comfortable :) so thats good yay :
  • ENLARGEMENT 4/5 Well it says on the bottle its 14.5,mm but it doesnt really give me that  enlargement or change but i bought these lens for color so :D that what matter. highly recommend this for  cosplaying /halloween  ^^
Haller!! well i love freaky lenses and ofcourse i just have to i have this one :) ( manson lens) because i wanna scare somebody /anybody lol .. i love them i got this lens @ Pinkyparadise

with flash

without flash 

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