Thursday, March 1, 2012

Aqua cat lens review

Contact Lens Life Span:90 Days
Okay Hello everyone  as you know i love lenses  i am totally crazy about them >.< ..  and i like weird ones , one that stands out or freaky   but i never bought  cat eye lens  so ive always wanted them for fun!.. so when i saw this aqua cat lens  i was *___* in love hehehe  so i had to get it ,, and I DID!! i ordered it  they have awesome  freaky halloween  / cosplaying  lenses  from  1 day wear  to  1 year lenses .. its really nice website i kind like it if your into dressing up .. but when i place my order i made mistake =( i didnt know i ordered the 3 months  lenses  i wanted the one that last 1 year ...  so that suck  pew pew ....
so they came  with this clear bottle  it suck too they didnt give me lens case =( luckily i got extra  ones lol .. Shipping well they  said  5-8 days since they are in U.K. but it was more than that really  i had to write them again like  * ah ya said  5-8 days its been more than that and my lenses arent here * they were really nice though  and they gave me  FREE one  because they have promotion that if you buy one pair they give u free random pair :) hehe although it only last a day >.< hehehehe

Color /design :  5/5 ofcourse its cat lens :o i love it and its beautiful color  it sure shows up
Comfort : 2/5  thats what throw me with this lenses its sooooo uncomfortable and it keeps moving the hell around >.<  that really suck... 
Enlargement : 2/5 nothing lol .. just okay   it   only like 14 .mm so no enlargement .
Overall i like  what the lens look and it stunning color  but because its uncomfortable   that really suck  ,,  i still wanna try other kind a cat lens though *^___^* weeee :)
FRAWR! i ish ready to pounce lol >.<

Angel Wing Heart