Sunday, January 29, 2012

White lens with black rim Review (14.5mm)

  • COLOR /design 5/5 Its awesome ! vibrant as heck!  its freaky too lol just the way i want it. its opaque  :) they are awesome  for halloween and  cosplaying or fun :) hehehe.
  • COMFORT 4/5 it blurs my vision a little but weirdly i can wear it for a long time it doesnt really move around .even though this are soft lens still not super comfortable. ive had this lens for awhile now actually if you wear it couple hours then start gettin even more comfortable :) so thats good yay :
  • ENLARGEMENT 4/5 Well it says on the bottle its 14.5,mm but it doesnt really give me that  enlargement or change but i bought these lens for color so :D that what matter. highly recommend this for  cosplaying /halloween  ^^
Haller!! well i love freaky lenses and ofcourse i just have to i have this one :) ( manson lens) because i wanna scare somebody /anybody lol .. i love them i got this lens @ Pinkyparadise

with flash

without flash 

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