Sunday, January 29, 2012

Show Mix Brown Review (17.8mm)

  • Color/design 5/5 i love how they blend in with my eyes and in different light they do change colors ... glittery :) yay who doesnt love that? i do !
  • Comfort 4/5 they are  soft lens and very comfortable but i have problem with the right  lens for  a bit it move around  then after 30 mins  it didnt  anymore which is good lol.
  • Enlargement 5/5 they are HUGE like  boom they are there hehehe.. definitely make your eyes dolly ( alien looking ) and unnatural and thats what i love <3<3<3  overall this lens are awesome :) they my favorite right now hehe. I purchase this lens at my favorite circle lens site/store ♥♥♥UNIQSO♥♥♥  highly recommend them :D so you guys  might wanna check them out! 

with flash

with flash

without flash

eeeee look at the glitters :)

    Angel Wing Heart