Sunday, January 29, 2012

Geo sf-67 moon and star Review (14.5mm)

  •  COLOR /DESIGN5/5 its awesome hehehe i like the design on this  lenses its really not super crazy  they look good when  i do my cat make up :D hehe
  •  COMFORT 3/5 Its really thick  and its not super comfortable i can feel it in my eyes  u know its there and its pretty annoying :(
  • ENLARGEMENT 3/5  no enlargement at all  its only 14.5mm lil bigger than my natural iris but overall im happy with this lenses  i love the design and  great for halloween or  cosplaying!
  • WELL overall this lens are kind a cute lol if it werent thick id love it .:D 

pet da kitty :) * da big kitty*

ready to pounce? heehehe

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