Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Geo diamond Green Review (

Hello hello konnichiwa mabuhay! lol ya i am sooo weird.. well like i said i have the 3 of the geo diamond series and this is THE TADA GREEN!! I <3 green lens *>.<* and out of the 3 i have ,the green one shows up  more !  i really love it .. sparkles *__* ya im like a kid ... its stupid.. ( dont pay attention about my nonsense rumbling lol) so here it is i  got this from a friend in the philippines but   u can purchase this @ / this lens store/site is one of my favorite   part of it they have awesome  customer service and  i have purchase quite  alot of my lens in there store and got it  really really great condition =).. so anyways here is my review :)

COLOR/DESIGN 5/5 I  <3 Love it .. its quite bright and sparkly shows  up  real good in my dark brown eyes :).. enhances   my eyes with that shiny effect  specially when light hits it :) eee hehehe..

COMFORT 5/5 Some geo lenses are not comfortable but this  series for me its really comfortable just fit right and dont move around  so i love love it !.. :) ( always remember  we dnt have the same eyes it could be uncomfortable on you )

ENLARGEMENT 5/5 Its perfect size *_* lens  is big but not over the top, just gives you that  dolly/dreamy effect .. its perfect for me  hehe..

Overall i highly recommend this lenses  they are  super awesome and  who doesnt like diamonds on their eyes? hehehe i do i do ! lol .. well take care ya all :) ...

without flash

with flash

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