Monday, February 27, 2012

panda nails

i love panda  soooo much :) so i am soo happy with my panda nails design so easy :) and eeeeee its so cute *___* ...   :)

Show-mix Blue Review (17.8mm)

Hi Hello :) so  omg i was super excited when i recieve the lenses i won from uniqso give away and this is one of them!! its pretty awesome :) eeee i love uniqso they are so kind and  they have a lot of  give aways and they respond fast to you question /messages .. :)  i got them  after 3 weeks  eeeee they came with cute lil box and lens case :) ehehe im really happy 

Color  /DESIGN 4/5 its not bright on my eyes at all its  dark blue  almost black  but depending on lights then youll see the glitters /sparkles ,The glitter only shows up when the light hits it. mostly just  super dark on my  eyes. this lens is really unique :) hehehe..
Comfort 5/5 it is super comfortable  i dont have problems with it . i only wear my lenses for  3-4 hours  longest is like  6 hours  :) 
 Enlargement 5/5 omg! this is huge  and very noticeable  gives u that super dolly look  or alien-ish lol. id recommend wear false lashes on this lens * specially if your natural lashes thin n short like mine :o*

Brand: Show-Mix
Series: 2Tone
Lenses Color: Blue
Water Content: 38%
Using Cycle Periods: 1 Year
Diameter: 17.8mm
Center Thickness: 0.025mm
Lenses Hardness: Soft

so sorry its blurry but they came in with these cute lil tiny box :O i love it

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Bloody Red Review (

  • COLOR/DESIGN 5/5 its bright and noticeable .. and freaky lol * which i like *
  • COMFORT 5/5 This lens is very comfortable i expect that  since its   one of those  solid color lens it wouldnt be like my * white lens /manson lens * but i was wrong this one is comfortable so im very happy :)
  • Enlargement 3/5 its  a little bigger than my natural iris so it didnt really give me enlargement  
overall this lens is awesome  even though its  only good for 1 day  wish it wasnt! i am still happy i got this one for free :) hehehe so weeee 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Geo Flower series Lotus purple /violet lens Review (

  •  COLOR/DESIGN 4/5 its not bright at all , it is  dark purple on my eyes  or bluish  but  its growing on me i actually love them now :D.  it show up more in pictures .the design of this lens is quite odd to me but i like it :)
  • COMFORT 4/5 This lens is pretty comfortable but its not  the same with my other lenses that i couldnt feel it at all. its really nice lens though.
  • ENLARGEMENT Its its decent size i actually think this lenses are perfect size for me its not super huge but it certainly give you that enlargement you want.Overall this is circle lens is very   pretty .. 
Manufacturer: Geo Medical
Life Span: 1 Year Disposable
BC: 8.6 mm
Diameter: 15.00 mm
Water content: 38%

Monday, February 20, 2012

Max Pure brown Review ( 14.5 mm)

Hi hi everyone :D well blogging again coz im bored lol >.< well ya today is boring day always nothing much happen so i go with the review now :D..  so anyway  i purchase this lens at pinkyparadise
  • COLOR /DESIGN 5/5  because it looks really natural  on me  , it blend well on my dark brown eyes and it look pretty :D.
  • COMFORT 4/5 its comfortable wearable for long hours  , fit well on my eyes doesnt move around so i dont have complain.
  • ENLARGEMENT 4/5 it does give me that enlargement and dolly effect  so over all im happy with these lenses, i highly recommend this if you want that natural look :D
Manufacturer: G&G/Dueba
Diameter : 14.5mm
Water Content : 38%
Base Curve : 8.6mm
Life Span : 1 year disposal

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Geo Xtra WT-B35 Grey Review ( )

  • COLOR/DESIGN 5/5 it  sooo pretty its just what it look like on the picture, its very shiny!  what not to love about diamonds?  its my bestfriend :P hehehe
  • COMFORT 5/5 This lens is amazing i cant feel it in my eyes at all and i can wear it for  long time  , doesnt dry out either its  just perfect for me.
  • ENLARGEMENT  Yep its pretty big  its 15mm  its pretty good enlargement and give you that dolly effect eyes ..
  •  in my personal opinion this lens looks awesome on DARK BROWN  eyes  they show up more :) heheh *^__^* i love the  geo diamond series :) 

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