Monday, February 27, 2012

Show-mix Blue Review (17.8mm)

Hi Hello :) so  omg i was super excited when i recieve the lenses i won from uniqso give away and this is one of them!! its pretty awesome :) eeee i love uniqso they are so kind and  they have a lot of  give aways and they respond fast to you question /messages .. :)  i got them  after 3 weeks  eeeee they came with cute lil box and lens case :) ehehe im really happy 

Color  /DESIGN 4/5 its not bright on my eyes at all its  dark blue  almost black  but depending on lights then youll see the glitters /sparkles ,The glitter only shows up when the light hits it. mostly just  super dark on my  eyes. this lens is really unique :) hehehe..
Comfort 5/5 it is super comfortable  i dont have problems with it . i only wear my lenses for  3-4 hours  longest is like  6 hours  :) 
 Enlargement 5/5 omg! this is huge  and very noticeable  gives u that super dolly look  or alien-ish lol. id recommend wear false lashes on this lens * specially if your natural lashes thin n short like mine :o*

Brand: Show-Mix
Series: 2Tone
Lenses Color: Blue
Water Content: 38%
Using Cycle Periods: 1 Year
Diameter: 17.8mm
Center Thickness: 0.025mm
Lenses Hardness: Soft

so sorry its blurry but they came in with these cute lil tiny box :O i love it

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