Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Dueba DM23 Brown Review ( )

  • this is my very  first pair of circle  lens and OMG ! i love it so much  i really think its natural looking lens it is not bright or stands out  but it  had that dolly effect made my eyes big and just pretty :D i love wearing them  you cant really tell unless you look so close  that they are lens. so yea COLOR/DESIGN 2/5 u cant really  tell but for NATURAL LOOKING 5/5     
  •  COMFORT 5/5 its pretty comfortable for  me  heheh :D
  • for ENLARGEMENT its nice 3/5  i highly recommend this  for first pair of circle lens its pretty!!! :D if u want  that dolly effect  , now comfort wise  our eyes are not the same ,to me this lens is comfortable   but if its your first time try this .if your not comfy i suggest get bigger size of lens :D  
  • highly recommend if you want natural looking with dolly effect  eyes :D

    Angel Wing Heart