Sunday, January 29, 2012

EOS Max Misty Violet review (14.5mm)

  •  whoopie another review hehehe :D and  ya how are you? meh alright same old lynn lol. well here goes the review! take care...
    COLOR/DESIGN 3/5 I thought this lens would be vibrant  but its not. it is pretty its more like dark blue on my eyes , u cant really tell this is violet  on distance . its pretty lens really just i wanted it to be more vibrant and noticeable.
     COMFORT 5/5 this lens is super comfortable i like it a lot,  i cant feel them in my eyes and doesnt dry out my eyes.  i can wear this for along time.
     ENLARGEMENT 4/5  u can see the enlargement on this lens but not much . i cant show u  a pic of me wearing one lens in because i dont have  this lens anymore i threw it away =/. overall this lens is nice :) i like it but could  have been better.

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