Sunday, January 29, 2012

I.fairy Kirei Green Review (16 .2mm)

EEEE Hi hi yush another lens review ( yes i am quite addicted to circle lens ) okay in my search of new circle lens   i run into this lens  and i am O_O omg  i gotta have them :) on the model they do  look super awesome and thought they probably just enhance but actually on my dark brown eyes *_* they exactly look the same  weeee I am a happy girl.... so okay dokie here the review ..
so this is the picture of the model :) hehehehe its awesome

 You can purchase this @ , they  have wide varieties of circle lens .  itd blow your mind :)  weee i like like it !! and decent price thats great! i like that   hurray!

COLOR/DESIGN: 5/5 this lens is amazing , its  BRIGHT and noticeable  the yellow color in the middle does show up a little  ..depending on what make up you have on sometimes it appears AQUA ..
COMFORT: 5/5  extremely comfortable cant feel it in my eyes at all love it :)
ENLARGEMENT : 5/5 Definitely give me  enlargement and dolly  eyes or  *alien eyes* its huge :P and i love it. overall this is  amazing :)  love it.... ( okay this is advertise  16.2mm now people  im not aware what is what about size ... its what it advertise so i go with it :) ALSO this lens looks amazing on lighter eyes  , they blend in more and just loooook super gorgeous

: 16.2mm

Base Curve
: 8.6mm

Water Content
: 55%

Replacement Period
: 12 months

with flash
without flash

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