Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Lynneth's First Giveaway :) (CLOSED!!! )

Hi everyone !! How are you  doing? meh  im doing great ^_^ :D well  hehehe this is like my 65  blog post Holymolly hehee and im getting near  50th  youtube post :) so i decided to do a give away ! AND ♥♥♥Uniqso♥♥♥   was kind enough to sponsor my give away ! yeppey hehehe thanks a bunch ^^. I reviewed  lenses  i purchase and  sponsored from them :) .. here is one is of the lens I reviewed ♣click here♣
as you all know I highly recommend their site/store they have  wide varieties of circle lens and  they also have prescription :). so anywho  moving on :)

A pair of circle lens your choice  from UNIQSO :)

RULES : well  like any other give away you gotta do something to be qualified :). i know its pain in the ass i hear you  :) but i wont ask you  to do MILLION things to do  im sure this are the stuff you already did with other give away you join :).

This give away will run  from AUGUST 1 - to 25  and  I will announce the winner  on 26th  (12 -1 PM Eastern time )i live in U.S) So people  in  different country kindly check  your timezone :) .. 

WINNER will be chosen  by my own way of  raffle :) ( just like the old days lol) hehehe  yes i will put all your entries in a piece of paper in this FREAKY BUCKET :) and ill  pick one winner  ( gonna have  video on 26th  post  in youtube and in my blog) I will contact the winner through email  :) or facebook or twitter :D ..

UNIQSO will ship the  circle lens directly to the winner :) (this is via  register mail so  it will depend on which country you are how long it will take to get to you :)


To be eligible to enter: ( 2 MANDATORY things you have to do )
1. MUST be a FOLLOWER on my blog  OR youtube subscriber ( okay if you are  already  a follower you  do not have to  subcribe on my youtube .... same  if you are  already a subscriber you do not have to  follow my blog ) just either of those 2 BUT if you did both  ( follower and subscriber) more entries for you :) do that make  sense? 

2.  MUST  like Uniqso's  Facebook Page

For extra entries: (These are optional. But of course, more entries will give you more chances of winning!)

1. follow me on Twitter    ( my twitter consist of nonsense really hehehe and  i play game called Adventure quest world  so basically people that follow me are  players on that game , so if your a gamer hehe then we can be friends :D wooohoo welcome to  nerdy dorky world? * bow*

2. follow ♣askUNIQSO♣ on Twitter

3. like my Facebook page   ( its a page where i just  kind  post  few pictures of my lens really and random shit gotta update it somehow i just been  very busy )

*ALSO if its not  too much kindly go to ♥♥♥UNIQSO ♥♥♥ and tell me which pair of contact lens  you  would like to win! Also, include your email address, or facebook and  twitter below (comment section) ( if you do not wanna give  your Email ,facebook or twitter that publicly you can just email it to me:) MY EMAIL : THANKYOU!

 YOU should have  10 entries if you did all this :)  
follower  = 2 entries
youtube subscriber = 2 entries
 uniqso fb page = 3 entries
the extra entries = 3 entries 

**DO NOT WORRY ABOUT THIS PART** : I will have a LIST up by AUGUST 26TH 10 AM in the morning EASTERN TIME .. ENTRY NUMBER corresponding your  Name or email ,or facebook , or twitter  . So you know what is  your entry number :) ...  it should be like this :

example :1.  pinayfreak1988@ 10 entries ( the ENTRY NUMBER IS 1) (in  a piece of paper there will be 10 number  1 in the freaky bucket :D. )

Was that Hard? well if it is  SORRY for the inconvenience  well make it easier next time hehehe *^___^*. have awesome day ...  thank you :D

HERE A VIDEO  EXPLANING FURTHER ABOUT THE  GIVEAWAY .. so its not sooo confusing >.<

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