Monday, August 27, 2012

( whistle)Refereee psssst .. lol

Hi everyone :) halloween is approachin wait ,,, no not yet but huh i dont really care ^.^ so anywho  about this **costume** i bought this at spencers  it came with  whistle and  knee high socks.. sorry those 2 stuff i dont know where i put  it -_-  oh the socks.. well i didnt take picture of it  i was over  how ish you ? meh its been over dramatic week.. * bang heads on wall ** ya that  dramatic..  but  im here ,

 i love this dress (material : polyester) its really soft feels nice and body fitting ..  the only problem  is it looks really funny on me since im petite the dress loooks too loong  on me . i dont have mile legs lol ,so no i wont suggest this for petite short legs women .  i didnt buy the tennis high heels shoes either it was so expensive lol at that time it was like 60 bucks or more. it was more than the costume itself and i didnt feel like buying it and wearng it once.. but  i think its really cute .. i dont know know i just feel like being a referee  because its fun :D haha.  so anywho thank you guys ^.^ have good day xoxoxo . i do have more lens  coming up just posting random stuff in my blog :) so its not just plain  circle lens ..  gonna have make up review too ^.^ they are all coming up .

 yap just wore it with my black boots hehe

touchdown :)  * football?*
hahah there it ish with the  whistle
Angel Wing Heart