Thursday, August 16, 2012

♥my emo look♥ hehe :)

Hi everybody :) how are ya all doing ? weeee wednesday and i been cookin nonstop for bday :o  lol yes i know how to cook a lil *>.<* hehe.  anywho i dont have any lenses to review because im waiting for them :D .. so im guessing tomorrow or this week ill have them :).
 OKAY:o Im not a fashion  whatever you call  it .. i  dress normal i think  hhehehe and this look is just so random really i wanted to do for fun :) and i actually kind a like it :o.. ^___^  .. . Kinda gothic / emo thats what i call it :D  It was like for halloween   or something! my hair was like short then :o but im sharing  because  im freaking weird ? who knows someone out there is just as weird as me  that appreciate this kind stuff :P which i dont even know if it looks good.. wait looks fine in my eyes :) thats all that matters hehehee I will be posting  alot of outfits/dresses i own ^.^ hehehe   .. though im no  such fashion girl ... and lol i dont care what match or not  i go with the flow :P. this is mah blog so i  guess i can post whatever the hell i want  ! O_O!

 BLACK TUTU which i bought at SPENCERS to try ...i dont remember the price  it amuses me and i thought i could  use it :) and  hell I DID!
PURPLE CORSET actually got this at burlington its a lingerie set :O  haha it was pretty cheap might as well try  it .
THIGH HIGH :)  i love thigh high /knee high socks eee hehehe coz its fun  i got it from spencers :) they were on sale then like buy 1 get 1 half :o its like 6 dollars im not sure ..

 without lens
 with my princess mimi bambi sesame grey  lens :D i love it

have a good  thursday :D eeeeeeee hehehehe xoxo ♥♥♥
Angel Wing Heart