Thursday, August 30, 2012

(Sponsored ) Dolly Eye - Blytheye Violet

Manufacturer : Dolly Eye ( EOS)
Diameter :
Water content : 38 percent
Base curve : 8.60 mm
Replacement period : within 12 months
Place of Origin : Korea

Hi everybody :) its been like  a week posted  lens review i have been very busy x__x weee lots of things to do and IM EXCITED i already booked my ticket all the way to Philippines whoopie :) vacation *__* all the foods mmm yum yum..  what about chu? what you  up  to?  Im just so happy  this weeek ^.^ hehehehe my hometown aye eeeeee all the fun stuff to do >.<... nyahahaha.

OKAY so anywho before i get lost somewhere  outer space.. this lenses are kindly sponsored by awesome  ✯✯✯Uniqso✯✯✯ :) thank you !!   like i always said check their store /lens  site :) !!! okay  moving on review review lol.

COLOR AND DESIGN ♣♣♣/♣♣♣♣♣ Its not bright  its more  dark/deep purple /almost look dark bluish on my eyes too dependin on lights. the design on this one its like  it suppose to like fade in the middle  i am not very fun  of this lens ,the dark limbal ring  just make this  harsh. it kind a pretty  with make up ! everything looks pretty with make up lol.

COMFORT ♣♣♣♣/♣♣♣♣♣  Its quite comfortable but it dry out easy ..i wore it about 3 hours  weee so  its okay.

ENLARGEMENT ♣♣♣/♣♣♣♣♣   doesnt really give me enlargement  its a lil larger than my natural eyeballs :P hehehe ( iris)  its okay .

OVERALL ♣♣♣ This lens is  pretty ! hehe wish it was more exciting lol :P hehe ^.^


okY dont mind my wierdness....

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