Saturday, March 10, 2012


Tattoes  * BODY INKS * I  personally love it , to me its arts :).. ever since i was young i've always wanted one  and wanna feel   if it really hurts since "everyone  i know, says it really hurts like bish:O" ...

always this question in my  mind  " does it hurt?  would i faint ? " well  all that question  and wondering got ANSWERED... :) I got my first tattoo  on my lower back about   3 years ago :) .. did it hurt ? well the answer is not really  i  can feel it  in couple areas when they the guy was doing  it  but  in awhile  u just get numb and dont feel nothing lol :) almost made me fall asleep >.< " yes i can tolerate pain " .. it took about 2 and half hours  yush its pretty big tattoo so took awhile :O but  it was design  for me .. i didnt want it that big but  oh well o.o  its my first time  so the guy " tattoo artist " surprise i choose big tattoo...  its expensive too :O i cant remember how much  i paid  but i guess its worth  since I LOVE LOVE TATTOES.. and  for people that dont like it  oh well dont mind  US  people that love tattoes and want it  ... you may think its disgusting or what ever  the heck you wanna call it...  we are different people and we like different  stuff if you dont like it DONT SAY ANYTHING AT ALL!!.... tattoo lovers and fan :) u should share  it with me heheheh id like to see it :) coz i wanna get more !...  i had another tattoo on my ankle last year too ..  and i would really love to get more :) japanese or chinese symbol "love " the back of my neck and  lil rose on my  hand and last but the least INFINITY  symbol on my  wrist  someday :) hehehehe

newest pic this year :)
my baby girl name incase your wondering
:and my other tattoo :)
Angel Wing Heart