Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sally Hansen HD nail polish

well good monday hehehe well guess what was gonna post new review of circle lens BUT my camera died need battery ! wtf right? hehe but anyway i manage to take pictures of mah nails tooday :D hehehe and kind a review about the sally hansen  nail polish i got  :D .. AND here they are :D ...

STARTING ON LEFT  that blue color is called 14 SPECTRUM , The purple is called * 15 DVD* and the PINK is called 09 BYTE..  I personally think this nail polish are lovely its sparkly and glittery and all but but the only shitty part is that you have to apply 2-3 or more coats to get that consistency  which is really annoying BUT its worth it looks gorgeous :) hehehehe   and i got them for 2 dollars since they were on sale at CVS  i think the original price is 8 something dollars .. I like saving hehehee so whoppie  for me hehehe.. anyway here it is on my REAL fingernails :O !!

sparkles with flash

without flash :) i applied 3 coats on each color


so i did it but then again looks so plain to me so i did my own design :D and tada here it ish .. Hope this help ,.. take care  heheh have awesome  day!

Angel Wing Heart