Saturday, July 14, 2012

Lens Care :) / contact lens solution

Well hi  good evening  well this is not a circle lens review :O but its something hehehe i do have more lenses to review weeeee  just for now  just sharing stuff how I take care of my circle lens.well i have couple people ask me what kind a solution  do i use for  my lens and how  often you change the solution something like that :).. well THIS is how i do mine and  by all means if i am not doing it right then fuck it ... o.o my bad ?? lol... So okay  this is the solution i use :)
waaa sorry blurry i was in a hurry o..O anyway  there is DIRECTION  how long u can store your lens in your case or how often you can change it :D.. so i guess thats pretty darn  easy hehehe but before i didnt know coz i dont pay attention >.>.. weeee so okay in the back of the BOX where the solution is the DIRECTION is there and also back  of the BOTTLE which ill show u

if you cant see it clearly i will repost some pictures again x__x do apologize hehe.. so ya  there the DIRECTION and hopefully does answer your question how often  you change the solution.. Okay so it did say u can store it for  30 days .. I do change my lens solution  every  week or 2 weeks  coz im just a FREAK that way wanna make sure its clean ... ( wait other people change the solution often than i do lol) if u hate how i do mine well fuck  not your problem and so far I DONT HAVE PROBLEM WITH MY EYES,,( knock on woods) hehehe always always let your lens  soak for atleast 6 -8 Hours  ( I prefer let it soak overnight :) ) o.O its also in the direction before putting it on your eyes!. and thats about it i guess o.o .okay i dont know how much this solution is but u can get this anywhere CVS,grocery store ( eye care isle?) and  anywhere really .. now if you prefer other  kind of solution by all means go for it .. this is just a lil heads up about new contact lens /circle lens user.. just like i am before no freaking idea how or what :O...  so yah anyway have good saturday guys and ill go chill watch  horror movies.. ill have review sometime tomorrow heheh my O-T STAR 5 TONE LENS eeeeeee >.< eheeheeheh and  i got my T-STAR LENS AND I.FAIRY CASPER that i ordered at UNIQSO more lens review whooopie ...
Ya all have wonderful night :D take good care weeeee

Angel Wing Heart