Friday, June 1, 2012

blue tiger print/stripe nail tutorial

Hi everyone well this is my first nail tutorial super  easy   and simple and in-expensive.   its like a tiger print / animal stripe what ever the hell  you wanna call it. Now if you are picky and want expensive nail polish then by all  means go for it!  I work  in a place where i used my hands  all the time 8 hours so  i dont really care :)..  2nd I AM NOT  nail artist what ever u call them so its never perfect!  but :) i do hope you guys will like this..  :)  so thank you ehehehe . I would say the only thing u have to be doing this design is  you gotta have  steady hand :D thats about just make  the damn lines lol i dont care  if its big or small it dont matter  :D well thats my opinion! so lets get going hehehe.
this are the products i use :)  only 1 DOLLAR  ..  :) hehehe

 first  I  already put my  nail  base.  whoich is the  the first  polish in  picture its nail base its hardener/streghtener so it helps makes your nails  stronger whatever lol.
 2nd  I put 2 coats of the blue nail polish if u want  3 coats or so by all means go for it  hehehe but 2 is good enough for me .
 3rd   u just have to have steady hands and its easier if u do place  the one hand you are gonna do the design on  a flat surface so you have more control :).  and also you can start from the top  or bottom of your nail ,that is completely up to you.  so I started at the bottom take your  black nail polish oh i almost forgot this black nail polish have thin  brush which is use for doing design  or lines for your nails :D.I usually  just take a tiny  bit of the nail polish and start at the edge of my nails  with the tip of the  nail polish brush  and make my line ... its just a line  straight or not dont matter to me ..  just alternate  it and till you are satisfied :D.LASTLY apply topcoat  it gives that shiny effect and  keep your nail polish last for awhile :)  that is all ..  i think its prety easy :D . so thank you very much if i didnt explain it very well i am truly sorry.

Angel Wing Heart