Wednesday, June 27, 2012

❤The amusement park day❤


LOL i didnt ride that didnt have enough time

salt shaker or something its fun ride  but hurts you -_- bumping your arms on the metal  side

lol i look drunk or something n the lil girl looks like she want my ice cream !

this the twister roller coaster its so much fun!!!!

this is the PHOENIX roller coaster it sure have awesome drop .. scary but fun at the same time !!

look how cloudy hehehe its suppose to storm and it sure did after we left!
eee well this  where i went not to loong ago well kind a long ago lol.. its Knoebels  Amusement Park eeee i love it so much over there *>.<* i wish it was bigger and bigger rides and scary hehehe or thrilll itd be fun :D... woooopie hehehe welll ya here are the photos of my randomness nyahahahaha  and stuff ..  theres a lot of rides there just didnt get to take of pictures .. but i will next time!
Angel Wing Heart