Sunday, June 30, 2013

Leopard Brown Lens (

HIIIIIIIIIIII!! its been ages and im sorry >.< .. i have  been very busy with my life  and its been crazy i move in my new place and  got 2 jobs x_x so its always hectic and busy.. but im kind a back !! and im getting more lenses soon .. although i still have quite a bit to review hehehe .. :D SOOO anywho moving on lenses lenses. i purchase this when i was in the philippines but there are a lot of site or circle lens store that sells it :).. i love animal print so im quite happy i got this eeee..

COLOR  5/5 its pigmented and it is freakin leopard!! so yes i love it sooo much. does show up very well on my eyes and it is indeed pretty crazy .. personal opinion :P

ENLARGEMENT  2/5 doesnt really enlarge my eyes  .. which i do not care

COMFORT 3/5 Okay crazy lenses are thicker than normal circle lens . so at first it was uncomfortable but as i got use to wearing it then it became more comfortable  :) which is awesome !!

ILL BE BACK WITH MORE LENSES REVIEW :) thank you guys i hope you all have great sunday!!!

 without flash

 with flash

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