Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wet n Wild Wild Shine Lip Lacquer, Risque

Hi  everyone  hehe im not really a big fan of lipstick but im stepping out my comfort zone and trying out some  for start i thought id buy the cheaper one just to see lol since i rarely wear lipstick :D. this  lipstick purchase it  CVS  . you can purchase it anywhere and they come with different color .

 with flash
without flash

this last picture it was more darker i top it off with darker lipgloss  like (bronze) ok i suck at describing damn colors lol ill take picture sometime so you can understand wtf im talking about.

I  dont know what to think about this lipstick  .. its actually pigmented and creamy so it easy to apply .i dont think it suit me >.<   its pretty bold for me  but i am happy i tried it .its pretty  if you like darker color /bold color.

 -  pigmented 
- inexpensive
-feels  nice

 -dont last long hours 
-way too creamy for me

have a gooooood niiight xOxoxO

Angel Wing Heart