Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Lenses :)

Hi everyone sorry i havent post about lenses in awhile i do have   alot more lol >.< i just been sooooo busy  work training to run machine  and all -_- its  all the good stuff.. but anywho here are few  preview of the lens that i have that i actually worn once hehehe . or try them  on review be up soon  just umm  be patient :D. take care and also id like to  share what i been doing for the past few weeks . like working out and eating healthy :D to keep my body  healthy and  i wanted to get tone .

 this lenses are the I.FAIRY CARA GREEN 
  and  this is the WHITE OUT LENS / SOLID WHITE LENS freaky as fuck 
 u cant see this clearly do apologize ITS SWIRLY RED AND WHITE :) You'll see soon and moooore lens >.<

Angel Wing Heart