Thursday, December 27, 2012

ebay !! oh dear ebay!

mwahahaha ya im going crazy so hurray for that . i actually  got  nice presents this xmas :D ill post sometime :D.. but  im posting stuff i ordered in ebay hehehe  where u can buy everything! lol :D .. i ordered fake lashes too  but im not gonna post that  :D just stuff i actually wanna share that you people outhere.. might like or maybe find interesting :D.

 hey i love pandas :D when i saw this eeeee *__* ..  i like the red color but i decided on green since i hae a lot of red /pink stuff clothes already change of heart... well color ...
 i really really like this  leggings they look so cute o.o hehehe i ordered to see if they  are as nice :D
well damn everybody getting all this :D i wanna try one for myself too :D . i got black ones too :D ill get more soon if they are really really cute... i know im not that young but hell :D im not normal woman so ill get stuff that  makes me smile :)..

MORE STUFF TO POST SOON :D advance happy new year :)
Angel Wing Heart