Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas presents

i guess im good this year lol hehe i got present  :D  . first of all  i love animal prints  right now so im really happy that  i gotten this stuff :D.. Merry xmas everybody !! well its almost new year  , have you think about NEW YEARS RESOLUTION? meh hmmm not yet not yet im still thinkin ^.^ ..

i love this boots :D its fur inside and its so  soft and super duper comfortable  :D . i dont know where they got it but i sure love it ! 

 its pink !  pink how i love  pink :D .. i like purses but im not really into it  i have few  myself but  i wouldnt pay lot of money  for purse .. to me you just put "stuff" in it..
animal print! *__* yes i am into animal prints so im happy they gave me this kind  im incredibly happy

Angel Wing Heart