Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Hi  everyone ! well how are ya?  meh.. i been good no more lens to review :(   but im trying to get crazy lenses for hallooween.. im thinking sharinggan red   or any red lenses *___*.. mm what are you gonna be for halloween? meh...  i dont know yet .. :(   i wanna be something   weird for sure lol.. any recommendation for weird /crazy lens?  my trip is next month omg :O eeeeeeeeeeeee  .... and  my bday coming up think i should have a give away?  maybe get some stuff back  from the philippines woot woot.. ill record some stuff ..  stuff i would want you to see ofcourse the beach! and maybe waterfalls .. and random FOOD :o  I am excited now eeeee...  oh here are pictures of me when i was a  FAIRY-ISH  on hallooween :) ..   love ya all hope you are all having a great wednesday .. 2 days to go and off !!!

whole outfit weeeee 20 dollars at  walmart 
  yush i know im scary weird:D

i lost mu wings :( and  i dont know else lol
Angel Wing Heart