Thursday, October 25, 2012


hey everybody its been awhile ! well  you see i just cant think what to write and i been busy thinking what to bring home and work and all the good stuff .. But this is a quick update i actually purchase this lenses to my friend in the philippines :D   so ill get them    in 4 weeks eeeeee  cant wait to play with them for sure..  OHHHH i have lens coming at the end of the month from UNIQSO hehe :) so yay hehehe .. sorry i havent been able to write anything i was gonna write  about that recipe i have its delish! if you like JALAPENO! when i make it again ill post  some  pictures and how to make it .. ( super easy pop it in the oven lol) well ty everybody have awesome thursday xoxoxoxoxxo!


ALRIGHT  I ORDERED A1,  A9 AND A10  they are actually  part of my wishlist finally able to get it yeppey!
i ordered the  sf-01 that  yellow red lens   first column  4th row .. and then  sf-06 that red swirl   fourth column  4th row

and more hehehehe got the reddish brown and green :D and i got crystal violet  ... :D  thats it for now hehehe
Angel Wing Heart