Thursday, September 27, 2012

Bluuuuue Dresss... :)

hiiiii :) another post  i have been thinking that i should post dresses and clothes i actually own :) and wear .. and some not ... lol.. Well i got this dress awhile back and   I have never wore it out .. for some stupid reason which im not gonna be telling you because loong asss explanation :). i actually purchase this online  a lady  that sells dresses and shoes and all sorts of  stuff.. the picture of this dress is beautiful  but the sad thing i didnt see the back  of this dress... just the front v iew i personally thought its a lovely color and  it looks fine =_= umm the back i didnt like the  gold thing that goes down my spine its quite annoying  and  i dont know its just not my cup of tea.. i thought itd fit better but i  dont think so... ALSO  remember if you wear this dress you cant wear  bra  on this one .. so do remember get yourself a pair of  pasty  ( nipple cover lol )  they do come with silicon  stuff too but normal one is fine i think :).. least thats what i use! is that too much info? ya probably the fuck @.@ oh well hehehehe...

Angel Wing Heart